Grow Tents – Uses and Benefits

You may not be overly familiar with grow tents if you are not a gardener yourself. However, they are an essential addition to the facilities at the disposal of professional gardeners, agricultural growers and green-fingered amateur enthusiasts alike.

Grow tents are important items of gardening paraphernalia which are used by all sorts of growers to help cultivate all kinds of plants. Here is some need to know information about these vital accouterments:

Grow tents are – put simply – tents which are used to house plants which you are growing. Consisting of a platform with a material which is draped over the top of the plant in question, they can best be described as modular units which help you to maintain a growing environment so that you can create the most suitable climate for the growth of your plants.

They are used by commercial growers seeking to grow things like fruits and vegetables when they would typically be out of season. In other words grow tents are used to maintain the temperature required for certain plants to bear the fruit of vegetables when this would have been otherwise impossible.
Many amateur gardeners and plant growers like to buy grow tent kits which are then put together to form a structure conducive to the control required to create the optimum growing conditions. So if you want to try your hand at growing the likes of tomatoes in winter then grow tents are an absolute necessity.
Where can I find a genuinely dependable supplier of grow tents?
As any experienced grower would advise you, buying the wrong equipment means that you will be wasting time. Grow tents are no different. Unless you get top quality grow tent kits, you risk putting the welfare of your plants in jeopardy. Therefore make sure you source your products from a supplier with a proven track record within the industry.

As the average size of people’s accommodations shrinks and they end up with less space, more and more people are turning to grow tents. Using grow tents gives them the opportunity to enjoy gardening even when they do not have a garden.

Who Uses Grow Tents?

People like to grow all kinds of things in these special tents. You can use them to grow any plant you can think of. The urban legend that people only grow cannabis in them is not true. The vast majority of these tents are sold to people who want to nurture other kinds of plants.

Some people use them to grow their food. While other people use them to cultivate specialist plants that they enjoy having in their home or on their balconies.

Even people with their gardens invest in these tents. This is because a grow tent allows them to create a unique growing environment. You control every element of the environment inside the tent. This means that you can create the right environment for any plant. As the plant grows, you can adjust that environment to give the plant exactly what it needs at each growing stage. Because of this, keen gardeners often invest in them.

They can generate an environment that the right temperature, the right amount and type of light and exactly the right amount of moisture and humidity to grow exceptionally strong plants. Plants that have a good start in life grow into plants that can be planted out into the garden. Because these plants have the right start, they are exceptionally strong and healthy. This means that they often last far longer than plants bought from other sources.

The Major Benefits

Gardening is easily one of the most popular pastimes amongst large sections of the public. There are thousands of plants to choose from as well as a host of different techniques to achieve decent results. One of the more recent developments in the world of gardening has been the use of hydroponics; this method of cultivating plants without soil is now widely used for the space saving benefits and rapid growth. For this article, a look at one of the methods of hydroponics has been included; that is the use of grow tents for indoor plant cultivation.

Put simply grow tents are a box like structures that have been specifically designed for the purposes of growing plants hydroponically in mind. One of the major benefits of using tents is that they can take up little room, ideal for those growing inside with only small amount of space to play with. Another benefit is that they can cultivate plants faster than more traditional gardening methods and finally when to grow tents are combined with hydroponics it is possible to control practically every aspect of the growing environment, from the humidity of the tent to the temperature in which the roots will be exposed.

What makes grow tents special is that while they may only resemble a box, they are typically lined with blackout sheeting that itself is lined with reflective material. This reflective material helps to keep the light levels within the tent as high as possible aiding the growth of the plants within. In the majority of cases, tents are also very easy to set up and range in price from cheaper, amateur models to more expensive professional variants.

Hydroponic grow tents allow the grower to control practically every aspect of the environment. Subsequently, as the environment is perfected, the growing conditions are ideal for the plants, meaning efficiency and healthier, faster yields. It is through balancing the amount of heat, light, water and nutrients it is possible to achieve fast growth as well as healthy, flourishing plants.

When choosing a grow tent there are a number of factors you should consider, firstly the size will be important; ultimately you want a tent that fits comfortably into your growing space and has enough room inside to grow your chosen plants.

The best way to purchase a grow tent is in packages. A complete grow tent package contains all the kits necessary to grow your plants. For a complete list of grow tent packages click here.

When you’ve got your grow tents and know that they’re perfect for the plants you want to grow, you can then set them up and get yourself sorted in terms of planting the seeds or buds. It may take some time for the grow tents to provide results but given long enough you’ll definitely see some results.